Senator Diane Savino On Mitt Romney And The Possible Coney Island Casino

State Senator Diane Savino is not pleased with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. After watching Mr. Romney’s New Hampshire victory speech, Senator Savino wrote a Facebook post saying, “I sometimes hate this frigging business.” The Politicker talked to Senator Savino this morning to find out why she found Mr. Romney’s speech “offensive” and to get her thoughts on the prospect of a casino in Coney Island, which is part of her seat in the 23rd District.

Senator Savino described Mr. Romney’s speech as “the worst kind of gutter politics.”

“He made direct statements accusing the President of exploiting the politics of envy, the statement that President Obama does not care about America, that President Obama is a socialist. It was really the worst kind of gutter politics,” Senator Savino said. “You want to disagree with President Obama? Fine, but stop trying to insinuate or overtly state that he’s un-American. That’s what I took offense to.” Read More


  1. Bobystyles says:

    No the worst gutter politics starts with a Grievance investigation of an attorney on Staten Island you know–where over 50 families have been harmed by his deceit, as the system rewards him–that is the gutter.  Several days have been set aside for interviews as to Tom B. as in several days needed with two new one added to testify this week alone  bring the total to 60 families on Staten Island–personally, I would rather have a casino.

  2. CrapGame says:

    Would Sen Savino have been happy if Romney referred to the President as “the new Mafia” as she has done against those who differ with her idealogy?  She’s needs to invest in some mirrors.

  3. Rich says:

    Correction:  Nicole Malliotakis represents the 60th Assembly District in Staten Island/Brooklyn – she is NOT a fellow State Senator.