Unveiling First of Its Kind ‘Gesture Remote’ at CES

reece pacheco shelbytv Unveiling First of Its Kind Gesture Remote at CES

You know how you get guns like that? Swiping, a lot of swiping.

The team at was up late last night putting the final touches on a new product they believe is the first of its kind. Founder Reece Pacheco gave a call this morning to share what his team is bringing to CES.

The Shelby team has cooked up what they call a “gesture remote” to go along with their social video player. Shelby bills itself as the best way to discover and share video with your social network. Using the iPad app and Apple TV’s airplay feature, users can now interact with their home television using the native language of the tablet.

“We pitched at the Consumer Electronics Association liveshow here in New York and won a table at CES,” said Mr. Pacheco. “I think they are hoping to bring more consumer applications and startups into the mix.”

“You pull up a new video with a swipe, zoom in with two fingers, pause with a tap and the whole time, even while you’re watching a clip, you can easily browse around the application and share stuff with friends. It’s a true second screen experience.”

There has been a lot of buzz about Apple releasing its own television this year, and Mr. Pacheco says wants to be ready to ride that wave. “It could be a game changer, the way a lot of Apple products have been, and we want to be pushing the boundaries of what you can do with your tablet and your TV.”

You can check out more about how Shelby’s iPad app uses Apple TV’s mirroring technology over at their blog, or watch them demonstrate it in the video below.