Signs We’re Over the Recession: ‘Freelance Graffiti Artist’ Now An Actual Job Title

Get paid to vandalize! (Getty Images)

Remember the good old days, when Mayor Giuliani would have you arrested just for keeping spray paint cans in your backpack? When “tagging” buildings and underpasses were used to connote different gang areas? Of course, galleries have been promoting graffiti as “outsider art” since the 80s, but it really took Banksy and Bomb the System to turn elevate the expression of juvenile delinquents into haute couture.

Now that everyone and their grandma has seen Exit Through the Gift Shop, we guess it was inevitable for “Graffiti Artist” to start appearing under the special skills portion of resumes.

From Craigslist:

Freelance Graffiti Artist

Date: 2012-01-23, 3:15PM EST
Reply to:[Errors when replying to ads?]

Freelance Graffiti Artist

Exciting, young company is seeking a Freelance Graffiti Artist!

– Seeking a freelance graffiti artist to create a series of graffiti style assets.
– The final works will be required to be submitted in digital form.

If interested, please respond to this post with portfolio samples.

Ironically, these job listings will probably lead to a downturn in paint bombings, as kids realize that either a) the art form has become mainstream and is no longer cool; or b) they could be getting paid for work they’ve been giving away for free.