Sundance Celebs Show Their Spirit Shwag

Bubbly texture almost enough to convince you that it's actually not strangely bitter.
Shameless self-promoting aside, Ms. Mortimer identifies with anything that boasts about being "natural" while actually full of chemicals
Go together like frat boys and popped collars.
At once youthful and nostalgic, the handheld Nintendo player has a lot in common with the once-adorkable Arrested Development star who is now tricking himself out with unnecessary accoutrements. (Like that mustache? Is that in 3D?)
He'll never be as sexy as his costars, but you have to respect a schlubby underdog that refuses to give up.
He's warm and gooey and reminds you of childhood. None of that is a good thing.
Watching Tony Award-nominees eat yogurt might seem bland compared to taking acid with James Franco while snowboarding, but believe us: it's the healthier, smarter choice.
Fun and compact, but you kind of get the sense that its popularity is due to some really great marketing, not performance.

You know about spirit animals right? Like our spirit animal is the Honey Badger, because it doesn’t give a shit and it can eat bees without getting sick, just like us.

Well, celebrities have spirit creatures too, but as we found out during the Sundance Festival in Utah this year, they mostly identify with inanimate objects, like Vodka or sunglasses. But somehow, it totally makes sense.

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