Tanya Bonakdar Signs Analia Saban

analia Tanya Bonakdar Signs Analia Saban

"Acrylic in Canvas with Ruptures: Two-Point Perspective" (2010) by Analia Saban. (Tanya Bonakdar Gallery)

A fine bit of news going into this fine weekend: a news release just coasted across our desk announcing that Analia Saban has joined Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York.

Over in The Los Angeles Times, David Pagel summed up Ms. Saban’s practice very elegantly, reviewing her 2011 exhibition at Thomas Solomon Gallery: “Analia Saban does to painting what forensic technicians on crime-scene TV do to the evidence in their high-tech labs: subject it to state-of-the-art experiments that make it tell the truth.”

Ms. Saban, who was born in 1980, has produced an admirably diverse body of work over the course of her short career, using lasers to slight canvas one moment, sealing a painting that reads “NOT DRY” with polynylon the next. It is, in other words, reliably inventive stuff.

Sadly, Ms. Saban’s work has appeared in New York only on rare occasions, though it was on view in a three-person show at Zach Feuer last year, alongside pieces by Marianne Vitale and Aaron Spangler. In fact, she has never had a one-person show in New York. No doubt that will change very soon.