Thank God: First Jehovah’s Witness Building Sells in Brooklyn Heights

pic view 1 Thank God: First Jehovahs Witness Building Sells in Brooklyn Heights

A blessed place. (Property Shark)

That shutter coursing through Brooklyn Heights today? It was the seismic news that the Jehovah’s Witnesses had finally sold one of their many coveted properties in the neighborhood. This has been the fate the tony townhouse burg has been waiting decades for, and now that it has begun, things don’t seem that bad.

The first property to go was a middling apartment building for $7.1 million, according to Crain’s.

The five-story, 20-unit elevator building at 50 Orange St. was sold in an all cash deal, said Robert Knakal, chairman of the brokerage. The sale closed on Dec. 13. The Jehovah Witnesses’ business arm, the nonprofit Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, bought the property for an undisclosed sum in 1988 and used it as a residence for the members of its religious order. Last year, the group, which is thinking about moving its headquarters upstate, decided to sell the property along with seven other buildings, ranging from a carriage house to a seven-story apartment building.

The new owner of 50 Orange St. was not disclosed. A spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses confirmed the sale, but referred further comment to Mr. Knakal. “The building was delivered vacant and in exceptional condition,” said Mr. Knakal. “The sale price was in line with expectations.”

Two other buildings, the 131-unit 183 Columbia Heights and the 7-unit 161 Columbia Heights, are said to be in contract, with a total value for all three properties being $18.45 million. Not a bad chunk of change, but also not the massive sale everyone is waiting for, which could help stave off condo development in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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  1. LordA says:

    The Watchtower Bible society corporation convinced and connived (blasphemed actually) to get followers to more or less donate all their money- time assets- virginity you name it,

    The plan was to not need your money for retirement nest egg as Armageddon was coming in 1914,1818,1925,1975,1984…….

    Ripoff religious racket worse than Scientology ever thought of being.

    That’s the whole truth now they are ‘cashing in on da Kingdom’ baby.

    1. Adina Hope says:

      Jehovah’s Witnesses are used as pones by a religion that has no charity and owns more real estate than any religion with their size membership. This reality is a sad testament to mind control and the abuse of religion.   The poor kids born into this cult were told by the Watchtower not to get a college degree. Instead the parents wanted them to be full-time pioneers and wash windows for the rest of their lives.
      The average JW’s are well-meaning decent people. But they are greatly misled. True, this can be said of many other religions, but many others do not have the very high level control structure that reaches into the heart of families and eventually destroys them.
      No doubt in my mind Jehovah’s Witnesses is a cult. I grew up a witness. Got baptized when I was 10 years old. Went to pioneer school when I was older. Then ” the light got brighter” ( a common JW quote when questioned why beliefs change so frequently) and I left. It does ruin lives. They prey on the uneducated and less fortunate

      1. notapone says:

        Speaking of clarity, what is a pone?

  2. Rmdevienne says:

    Shutter is a hinged door for a window, usually in two parts. You meant ‘shudder.’ MY GOD are there NO EDITORS in New York!

  3. CT says:

    I like your title. Thank God. That’s who you can thank, Jehovah God for his blessing.