The Plan To Keep Charlie Rangel In Washington

The contours of Charlie Rangel’s congressional district are expected to change dramatically this year, moving upwards into The Bronx and Westchester, according to Herman “Denny” Farrell, a longtime assemblyman and Harlem powerbroker.

Mr. Farrell revealed the news district lines at a town hall meeting on 147th Street last night where he said the rest of New York’s federal legislative lines have been held up as the State Assembly tried to figure out a way to create a district that would set up Mr. Rangel to win a 22nd term in the House of Representatives.

“The main issue we have is the question of Charlie Rangel’s district,” Mr. Farrell said. “The problem we have is that Charlie Rangel’s district is no longer black.”

Mr. Rangel’s district has been synonymous with Harlem for generations and nurtured several of New York’s most important politcal figures, inclduing not just Mr. Rangel, but his predecessor, Adam Clayton Powell. The district must change because of sweeping demographic changes that have led to an influx of white and hispanic voters. Mr. Farrell explained how the problem was eventually solved and said Mr. Rangel is definitely going to run for re-election in “a district that can be won.”
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  1. Guest says:

    That is just not happening. The voting rights act will determine with Rangel’s district will look like and you can easily draw a 55% Hispanic district for Rangel (going into SW Bronx) along with a 60-65% Hispanic district for Serrano in the S. Bronx. That would be legally required, so this whole 3 county business about going from Manhattan to Mt. Vernon is just silly. 

    1. Colin Campbell says:

      Reasonable lines would make his district majority-Latino, but the VRA doesn’t require that district be drawn unless there’s successful lawsuit. 

      1. Guest says:

        That sentence is illogical Colin. A lawsuit would be to enforce the law, the law which states that if a compact district can be drawn that will allow a group of minorities to elect the candidate of their choice, that it must be drawn. Section two of the voting rights act, and see Thornburg v. Gingles. By definition, a lawsuit it to enforce a portion of the law that is not being followed. If they don’t draw a majority hispanic district, they are pretty blatantly violating the VRA. 

      2. Colin Campbell says:

        You’re right, I phrased that poorly. I meant that the VRA can’t be authoritatively interpreted or enforced unless there’s a lawsuit, my bad.

  2. Bill Esposito says:

    Pure racial politics by two political dinosaurs. Rangel doesn’t deserve re-election – but what difference does it make whether the district demographics changed with an influx of white and hispanic voters?  In Manhattan 75% of whites are registered as Democrats; Hispanics 90% and Blacks 99.9%.  A Republican couldn’t win in that district in a thousand years!  Voters in NYC are programmed like robots to pull the D Lever 100% of the time.

  3. Jackmorpher says:

    why doesn’t charlie rangel after 40 years of democracy think that he can’t get white votes

    maybe because he has taught racial politics live by the sword die by the sword

    obviously the solution is to erect racial barriers to entry to his districts — ‘no non-blacks admitted’ — that will do it – american apartheid — paging Eric Holder

    ‘under the authority that  i have usurped under Const 14A,  as long as charlie rangel is in recess i hereby declare martial law in charlie’s perma-district, so as to expel non-blacks, in the alternative non-blacks who give me their proxy votes may stay”


    why is this public? it is as ugly as every racist nightmare we have?

    because charlie won’t go quietly and now he needs a push, from the newsies, under the bus charlie, and we won’t miss you

    and if he leaves Manhattan he loses his three rent-controlled apts.,

    oh the poor dear

    charlie it is not that you are off the plantation, the plantation has left you ta ta bye bye

  4. truthseeker says:

    I am grateful that someone understands the importance of the iconic Harlem community maintaining a voice that truly represents its long term residents.

  5. Native_New_Yorker says:

    Charlie Rangel needs to retire.  He doen’t deserve to be re-elected, and what they are saying is “Charlie only represents black people”….just how racist can you get?   This man needs to understand he “represents” ALL the voters of a district, not just one race.  Enough said.

  6. Ceo007 says:

    Hammond and Politicker know that there is something called the Voting Rights Act that requires protecting of all minority Members of Congress.  If they didn’t protect Rangel, the lines would be challenged in court.  Maybe it’s time to end the VRA since we have a minority President.

  7. Dan Tagliento says:

    There exists a dedudence in that part of “Gotham City”!Cuzin’ Billy has been elevated to “Protector General” of one of the “Most Interesting Neighborhoods” of all the Wurld!Duke Ellington rules!