The SAG Awards: Back to the Future Edition

Two respected thespians or...?
Two CBS miniseries stars who caught a lucky break?
Now there is a duo that young people are sure to remember from Mary Poppins.
Or wait, that other show they were on...what was it called again?
This guy is really going places. Like Tibet. Where he'll spend 7 years. Maybe he'll meet Thelma and Louise along with a dozen monkeys who give him the gift of Gwyneth Paltrow's head in a box. Are we missing anything?
If he grows out a beard, we know he's breaking up with Angelina Jolie.
Is like the Cary Grant of the new decade!
Wait, but wasn't he the Cary Grant of last decade as well? Mr. Clooney's just learned how to stay classy: date down, BFF-up. (With Brad Pitt.)
Everyone's favorite family hasn't changed much in a year.
On the other hand, they've gotten much better at fake-smiling when in reality they hate each other as much as regular families.
She has done very well for herself since Tomb Raider.
We mean, at least she can afford nicer fabric for the red carpet than leather.
Is really mad about that Dallas reboot.
Then again, Mr. Duffy seemed pissed even when he was on Dallas.
The Iron Lady in iron.
The Iron Lady with Jeremy Irons

pittandpittsag The SAG Awards: Back to the Future EditionWe’ve already mentioned during the Golden Globes this year that Hollywood seems to be in retrograde. Giving awards to Madonna, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Jessica Lange is just so 2002. But we also noted that the actors themselves seem to be going into a kind of time-warp, none of which was more apparent than at last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards: while some (Mr. Pitt) are reliving the heady glory years of the early aughts, others (like Angelina Jolie) just refuse to age at all.

And what’s with dragging Dick Van Dyke and Patrick Duffy out to parade around memories of their former careers? That just seems mean.

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