The Smallest Social Network Ever? Ourspot is Sharing Built for Two!

ourspotsample 640x498 e1325600272580 The Smallest Social Network Ever? Ourspot is Sharing Built for Two!

A startup called Ourspot launched in beta today with a novel proposition: Take Path’s 50-person limit and cut it down to size. Like way down.

The network lets couples or close friends privately share links and content with each other that also serves “as a document of a relationship,” (yup, singular) says AllThingsD’s Liz Gannes. And there you were thinking they’d run out of ideas for social networks!

“Ourspot pages are generally designed for two people, and intended to be cultivated over time. Users can share photos, links from around the Web, and notes to each other. The ‘spots’ can be private or public. For better or worse, your ‘spot’ is only as good as the work you and your partner(s) put into it.”

Noting the Pinterest-like layout of the profiles, Ms. Gannes points out that even absent the actual, you know, network part of social networking, there are other benefits to social tools:

“They have increasingly pretty layouts, they can compile a record of our activities without much effort, and they have nice mobile apps. And so Ourspot wants to be a social-style sharing site for the people we share with the most: our significant others and perhaps our closest friends.”

Let’s leave aside, for the moment questions like Is this just a glorified vacation photo album? or Can’t that kind of sharing be accomplished by looking at the person next to you in bed? or What happens when you break up? and move onto the real significance here: This is great! Just think about it, if couples have a new and glorious way to share with each other (other than email, IM, text, face-to-face and handwritten love notes) they’re less likely to clog up your Facebook and Twitter feed with their treacly anniversary declarations or dutiful retweets or humble-brag date recaps. Misanthropes, say thank you.