Blogger Syndication Network Opens Self-Serve Platform in Beta

tidal Blogger Syndication Network Opens Self Serve Platform in BetaNew York-based content syndication network Tidal is promising it will have a ton of announcements in January, but here is the first: after almost a year in beta with partner Condé Nast, the startup is opening up its self-serve platform to the public. “This will allow online stores, non-profits, startups or most any company to easily add a crowdsourced topical blog,” the startup announced in an email today. “This is a great way to engage the Tidal community, and your biggest fans, to bring content and traffic to your website. Our self-serve platform will start at just a few hundred dollars a month, and if you join the beta program we can give you January and February free while we work out the kinks.”

Tidal is a marketplace where advertisers and publishers can comparison shop for blog posts to fill content holes and increase their cachet with special audiences. Mashable helpfully sums up the idea as “Unlimited content for publishers, exposure for bloggers.” Most writers on Tidal already have their own established blogs; they list themselves in the directory and submit information about their influence and traction. Publishers pay a monthly fee to get blog posts recommended to them and accompanied by social and traffic metrics to help them decide what to syndicate. If a publisher sees a post they like, they can syndicate it immediately.

Bloggers are remunerated in exposure, in theory, and Tidal emphasizes this on its splash page with view counts for posts.

The startup is also announcing a partnership with, a home improvement guru who has already established a small empire of home design, renovation and architecture bloggers on Bob Vila Nation.


  1. This is a wonderful way for up-and-comers to get exposure for minimal cost. Self-promotion is really the only option for part-time bloggers and interwebbers to gain exposure, and this is a nice way to start.

  2. MattMyers says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Anyone interested in joining the beta feel free to reach out to me: matt (at) 

    We have deep coverage in fashion, food, tech, home, music and are a great way to add content, community and traffic to publisher sites, ecommerce, startups, non profits, apps and more. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tried to register and everything still seems to be a bit “shaky”. Registration did work, but subsequent logins just fail. The concept looks great though…