To Do Thursday: A Vibe Called Quest

Ever since he implied musically that Michele Bachmann is a lyin’-ass bitch on live TV, ?uestlove has become the object of your ill-concealed infatuation (he even followed you back on Twitter!). From his restless tattoo behind that Yamaha five-piece to his slightly anarchic ’fro and endearing adoration of Frank Gehry, you can’t seem to get enough of the Roots drummer. Tonight, the percussionist will continue his DJ residency at the Brooklyn Bowl, spinning a set with classic Soul Train videos in the background. Not your typical scene, true, but as you approach the DJ booth, your heart will be pounding to the beat of the Amen break. Showing off your classic pop-funk grooves, ?uestlove flashes you a winning grin. And then you hear it: quietly at first, but unmistakable nonetheless … as “I Would Die 4 U” begins to blare over the loudspeakers, you drift off into a blissful trance with Prince’s heavenly tune as your celestial chorus.

DJ ?uestlove Presents Bowl Train, Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Avenue, 11 p.m. Tickets, from $5, available at