Tonight in DVR: Banker Goes to Hell

Alison Lohman (Getty Images)

We can’t believe they’re rebooting the Spider-Man franchise this year—the last one came out in 2007! For proof that, though the series had been in decline, director Sam Raimi still had some intriguing ideas, check out Drag Me To Hell, his 2009 horror film depicting the evils wrought upon a young loan officer who unwisely decides against issuing a loan to an old witch. Watching the film with yet more knowledge about banks’ practices than we even had in 2009, the witch grows yet more sympathetic. And Alison Lohman, a onetime almost-it girl who never quite popped (the most recent snaps of her on Getty Images are from this movie’s promo cycle–come back to us, Alison!), is smashing here as the girl trying to drag herself out of Hell and rectify a mistake of her own making. Save this one for a chilly Friday evening, right after you check your bank statement.

Set your DVR for Syfy at 9pm.