Tonight in DVR: The Housewives Stagger to the Finish Line

Lisa Vanderpump and guest (Getty Images)

We have to tell you that we’ll be DVRing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion—we’re bitter-enders, and just intrigued enough by the minor questions of this season (what chemical led to the sublimation of Camille’s personality? Is Lisa kidding around about how much of a crazy dog person she is?) to elide quite how uncomfortable the big questions make us.

Those who already have a season pass to this show will understand our mix of intrigue and dread at the first real interviews Taylor Armstrong (whose husband committed suicide during the taping of the now-concluded second season) and Kim Richards (who herself entered rehab after the taping of that season). Less than a human need to Watch What Happens to Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Richards, we’re curious to see how face-of-Bravo Andy Cohen handles the interview segments. Considering that the series went out of its way to showcase conversations exonerating the production from responsibility, it’s unlikely that reality TV’s exploitative nature (and how it might have contributed to its stars’ crises in the past year) will be dealt with to any extent here. For non-fans, this is a good chance to tune in and see how a network deals with death and addiction haunting its prize franchise. For fans, this reunion may form a convenient endpoint.

Set your DVR for Bravo at 9pm.