Tonight in DVR: Winding Down With Wendy


Wendy Williams (Getty Images)

Wendy Williams (Getty Images)

We’re here to tell you just how to set your DVR before heading out for drinks or dinner–or just watching something better on TV!

How strange it is that Wendy Williams keeps on keeping on with her TV talk show, despite the fact that she has significantly less “buzz” than your Andersons or even your Ripae. Ms. Williams, borne from the world of radio, where she essentially called people gay for hours a day and did one legendary interview with Whitney Houston, crash-landed on TV’s The Wendy Williams Show with a series in which she seems only vaguely acquainted with the issues of the day. Her interviews have a weird, discursive, open-ended nature, and the segment in which she just describes what’s going on in the news feel like a one-woman stage show of The View starring all the baser elements of Ms. Williams’s nature. This show is really fun to watch if only for the feeling that Ms. Williams is speaking extemporaneously and it will end only when she tires. Tonight brings View flat-earther Sherri Shepherd and noted courtroom fixture Andy Dick, promoting something TV Guide says is called Division III: Football’s Finest. What a lovely, messy way to end a week!

Set your DVR for BET at midnight.

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