The Robot Military is Here: One-Third of All U.S. Military Aircraft? Drones.

wargames The Robot Military is Here: One Third of All U.S. Military Aircraft? Drones.

*Hides under desk.*

Some terrifying news to end your day: The robots are beginning their takeover. First they came for the vaccums. Then they came for the baccarat tables. Now, they’re coming for the Air Force.

Wired/Danger Room notes that almost a third of our military’s air power is being carried out by drones. In other words: robots. 31% of our airborne military is robot-controlled.

By the numbers, via Wired:

In 2005, only five percent of military aircraft were robots, a report by the Congressional Research Service notes. Barely seven years later, the military has 7,494 drones. Total number of old school, manned aircraft: 10,767 planes.

Wired’s report is extensive and terrifying. Why terrifying? you ask. It’s not like they’re coming from the future to kill our children/future leaders, you might say.

Well, in that case, maybe you should educate yourself on this stuff called malware that can get inside computers and make them do crazy things, like break, or use your credit card number to order a bunch of helium tanks, or maybe rain down fury and hell from the sky into your nice little cul de sac. Sometimes, this malware can get inside drones. No big deal, right?

Wrong. Excuse us; Betabeat is taking the rest of the evening off to work on our Hellfire-From-The-Sky-Shelter. Nice knowing you. | @weareyourfek