Update: Utica Police Allegedly Plant Evidence In Suspect’s Car

Utica police pull over suspect couple

Update: Utica’s police force claim that the entire video shows that the evidence was taking off the body of the suspect before it was thrown in the car by the officers. Why they would do this however, is anyone’s guess. Longer video has been added below.

Upstate New York’s finest have been allegedly caught on tape trying to plant drugs on an African-American couple that was pulled early last year.

The Utica police, who are identified in the video as Officers Palladino and Padulla, then search the car. It appears (from the video) that they can’t find anything, which is when one of the officers pulls out a small baggy from his pocket, places it in the car, and then reappears moments later holding the same bag out in front of him as apparent evidence.

Short video:

Long video:

Perhaps this video is a fake, because it was put up last February and only has 310 views. Still, it doesn’t look very good for the officers involved.