Very Gehry: Behind the Curtain at the New Pershing Square Signature Theater

Politicos and playwrights came to the Pershing Square Signature Theater today to unveil the new Frank Gehry performing art center, the first of its size to open in the city in decades.
Mr. Gehry and Edward Norten, a signature Signature booster, share a moment beneath one of his distinctive light fixtures.
The theater has a rough, humble quality, belying the starchitect behind it but appropriate for the scrappy theater company and neighborhood imbue it.
Super graphics of notable playwrights fill the space, like this one of Tony Kushner.
More playwrights in the lobby.
A winding staircase leading up into the second-floor main space—the theater spans 75,000 square feet spread across an entire city block—is one of the key architectural features.
Mr. Norten warms up the crowd.
Mr. Gehry addresses his audience.
Mr. Gehry said his dad grew up in Hells Kitchen and a street urchin.
Maybe they'll put Mr. Gehry on the wall some day.
Brusque metal doors lead into the theaters, giving a back-of-house feel to the main spaces.
Inside the flexible Linney Theater, already preparing for opening night.
A set piece.
Back stage.

The Pershing Square Signature Theater opened today, with the mayor, Ed Norten, Steve Ross and Frank Gehry in tow. The theater was literally finished yesterday, as they installed the box office glass during lunch, among other finishing touches, so there was no official photography yet.

Fortunately, The Observer knows one of the best photographers in the city, William Alatriste, the staff shooter at the City Council. He has a killer eye for drama and scenery, so naturally this was the perfect environment for him. Until you get your hands on some of those $25 tickets, enjoy this photo debut of the Signature Theater.

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