We Must Stop the Trade in Blood iPhones

Campaign for conflict-free Apple products picks up celebs.

emmanuelle We Must Stop the Trade in Blood iPhones


Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, star of the HBO show Entourage and self-described “actor/activist,” just announced her support for the campaign on Change.org calling on Apple to make products with conflict-free minerals sourced from Eastern Congo. The petition has more than 56,000 e-signatures, but Apple is already orchestrating its own efforts: the company just released a sustainability report identifying the conflict minerals, tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, and their origins.

We were just about to laud the actress for walking the walk, as she tweets mostly from “Twitter for Android.” But then we saw this:

No, look closer.

twitter for ipad We Must Stop the Trade in Blood iPhones



  1. jack harkness says:

    THIS IS why I despise actors who have too much tie on their hand and a Reader Diegest/CNN view of the world.
    How about instead of wasting time she protests the arms the US sells and the whole continent? THAT would be doing something but you will notice that no activisim EVER goes against american military interests. You want to be an activist? Make sure it doesnt conflict with american military occupation (40 bombed countrie since WW2 and bases in 150-175 country is THE definition of military occupation of the planet) and youre golden.

    “Help me end conflict” makes me want to stuff an Iphone up her nose.
    No one can be that dense but then again, its Hollywood so I could be wrong.