What Does Marie Osmond Have that Martha Stewart Doesn’t?!

marie What Does Marie Osmond Have that Martha Stewart Doesnt?!While J.C. Penney and Macy’s fight over exclusive rights to Martha Stewart’s personal brand of cookware, kitchen utensils, sheets and towels in court, the Hallmark Channel–home to The Martha Stewart Show since 2010–has been talking with Marie Osmond about a new daily show, Fox News reported.

Earlier this month, the Post reported that Martha would not be renewed next season. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and the Hallmark Channel separately explained that although Martha would not return in the same form in the same place, the two companies were exploring a new format.

But back to this Marie character. Country-pop singer, 52, sister of Donny, one-half of the Donny and Marie variety show. Star in the Dancing with the Stars-sense. More than qualified to have her own daytime cable show. But what makes them think she can replace Martha?

Martha Stewart’s first cookbook taught us how to cater our own wedding. Marie Osmond lost 50 pounds on Nutrisystem. Martha Stewart wrote an encyclopedia of crafting; Marie Osmond has a line of quilter’s sewing machines. Martha Stewart ran a billion dollar company; Marie Osmond sold dolls on QVC. Does anyone even know how organized Ms. Osmond’s closets are?

Then it occurred to us: Marie Osmond is a Mormon. Nice try, Latter-day Saints.  Powerful though you may be, it’s going to take a little more than quilts and dolls to convince us Mormonism is aspirational and Mitt Romney is a “good thing.”





  1. Nancy says:

    I think Marie would be a wonderful talk show host. She is a kind and respectful lady. She inspires people to be happy and beautiful. What’s wrong with that??? Besides….alot of ladies actually like the doll and quilt industry, not to mentiond the music industry. No, Marie is no Martha…but then again, Martha is no Marie.

  2. Frances says:

    If they wanted Martha, they’d keep Martha.  Marie is a separate person with her own merits.  She is a brilliant entertainer who can read audiences and respond.  Also – seems to me – Tiger Beat was publishing Marie’s recipes long before anyone heard of Martha.  As a mother of 8, Marie knows her way around a kitchen, a sewing machine, and home decorating.  She’s learned costume and set design all her life.  

  3. Nwrkjoel says:

    Marie is HOT! enough said.

  4. Benlumom says:

    Why the negativity about Marie’s religion?  I wonder if you really know much about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

  5. Alex Van Wagenen says:

    Never been a fan of Martha, and avoid ANY products with her name. Don’t know much about Marie, but the fact that it’s considered “okay” for a newspaper to knock any religion (isn’t that a right we all share?) makes me want her hired. I hope they film it in Utah instead of your obviously biased state. 

  6. Kenny Anderson says:

    Kat, I guess you don’t know many (scratch that…any) Mormons. You should really get to know us on a personal level before you write another article mentioning us. I’ve had many people surprised that I’m not anything like what they were taught a Mormon was like. I urge you to search on LinkedIn for someone who went to BYU, reach out to them and find out for yourself. BTW not all Mormons support Mitt, and we are all okay with that.

  7. Anthonysmomm says:

    “Why, thank you Kat for the compliment!”  Members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter day Saints  ARE,  powerful CHRISTIAN people …  [yes we are !]  And… if you are looking for “aspiration” look no further than your local pair of Mormon Missionaries dressed in white shirts and ties, coming soon to a neighborhood near you!  [Quilts and dolls – optional]
    As for MITT ROMNEY……  step up and CHEER him on!  You will see Kat, if he is our new President of these United States, he will be the BEST thing that has ever happened to this country, to you and I, and to the rest of the freedom loving people of the U.S. of A! 

    He is SMART, he is HONEST, he is GENUINE, he is DIPLOMATIC, he is RELIABLE, he is COMPASSIONATE,  and he “is” the definition of INTEGRITY,  – and  – “DOG-GONE-IT” people like him!   “No Kat, MITT ROMNEY isn’t a “good” thing… HE IS A GREAT thing!”
    I am not related to him, I have never met him, but I will tell you this…  As he is a CHRISTIAN member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, (as am I), his beliefs, (and mine), are to follow the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and strive to do good works/deads in all that we do.  We are honest Christ loving people, and…. “HEY”,  by the way  wouldn’t you say Marie looks purr-it-ty darn good for 52 years old?  And don’t you worry about Martha, another network will pick her up… eventually      :)

  8. Gchu says:

    “Martha would not be renewed next season” was leaked by Hallmark and Michelle Vicary, evp programming while “in discussions.”  It certainly follows that the Hallmark brand and Hallmark cards won’t be “renewed” by loyal Martha viewers and fans.

    Hallmark “has been talking with Marie about a new daily show” that will be cancelled by Hallmark in no time in their wild goose ratings chase. 

    “What makes them think she can replace Martha?” Martha was Hallmark’s last best chance for transformation to a channel with future viability.