Whitney Cummings, Unpopular Comedian, Defends Lana Del Rey, Unpopular Chanteuse

Whitney Cummings (Getty Images)

Whitney Cummings (Getty Images)

The Lana Del Rey/SNL imbroglio, ensuing after the neophyte singer bombed live has some pretty muddled gender dynamics–the spectacle of Brian Williams, face of the establishment, berating Nick Denton for not taking out the long knives on a 25-year-old rising artist was rather unseemly.

Now Whitney Cummings, a comedian who herself has been at the center of some gender-centered arguments–is she not perceived as funny because she’s an attractive young woman (sigh), or because she is not, empirically speaking, funny?–has chosen to muddy those waters further, writing a blog-post defense of Ms. Del Rey.

Therein, she writes: “It’s a little troubling that when a young girl fails at something that we keep kicking her why she is down. I get very protective of girls, especially young performers, because they live a hard, emotionally challenging, often physically challenge life where you are constantly given reasons to be insecure and have panic attacks.”

While, as stated, Ms. Del Rey is younger and less established than some of her vocal critics, is Lana Del Rey a “young girl”? Must she be spared criticism of a bad performance that some might say was at least partly intentionally trolling the audience with purposeful awfulness? (Ms. Cummings admitted Ms. Del Rey thoroughly entertained her with her “very drunk-at-a-wedding-and-gonna-regret-it-in-the-morning-type way”–and the pilot of her sitcom began with drinking at a wedding. Others’ mileage may vary!)

“I think we should be encouraging and patient,” wrote Ms. Cummings. “Other peoples success doesn’t fuck up our lives and other people failures should not brighten them.” When Ms. Cummings’s show was moved off of Thursday night’s vaunted NBC comedy block, an indicative blog post at WNYC said that Ms. Cummings had been dropped “like a bad date.”