Your New Favorite Web Series: ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio Apartment’ (Video)

Kristen Schaal gets grilled

This is the best idea for a web series we’ve heard in awhile. Inside the Actor’s Studio Apartment like Cribs, sort of, if Cribs was just one messy room inhabited by some of your favorite comedians. And let’s face it: Who doesn’t want to see how semi-famous New York actors live?

Take it away, Kristen Schaal!

Actually, Studio Apartment is actually just an awkward satirical talk show, in the vein of Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns. It’s still the funniest thing we’ve seen all week. If you have a couple bucks, throw it over to host Daniel Bowers so he can continue showing us the lofts and living spaces of funny people.