A Few Good Man Caves: Decorators Cashing In On Divorced Men

moving out atl empty apt A Few Good Man Caves: Decorators Cashing In On Divorced Men First came the proposal advisor, who helped you plan popping the question in the most romantic way possible (Knicks game, big screen baby!), then the wedding planner, and, two years down the road, the divorce lawyers, the fat alimony checks and the Tribeca re-bachelor pad.

Sadly, your new space  is lacking that woman’s touch: your loft is empty save the Playstation, beanbags and Miranda Kerr poster. What’s a newly single man to do? Hire a post-divorce decorator, of course! A new class of designers are catering their business specifically toward hapless divorcees hoping to spruce up their new spaces, the New York Times reports.  While Kris Humpries may be the ideal customer for this new industry, some clients have more substantial concerns than scrubbing the eau de Kardashian out of the linens. Many divorcees have children, and they hope to use a well-decorated apartment to shield their young ones from the ugliness of a breaking family.

Divorced fathers, especially, often want their homes done quickly, to make the transition as smooth as possible for their children, which means they are apt to agree with her design decisions.

Designers are swooping in on this feng shui-starved population.

At least half of the newly divorced will need a new place to live, a new sofa and rug, new towels and coffee cups and prints to hang on the walls, and all the other trappings that make an apartment or a house into a home.

Better yet, wine and dine a decorator and get your new digs done up gratis!



  1. They make this sound like a bad thing. This is a valuable service. And though I do not market to or promote myself directly to this demographic, I have helped newly divorced men (and women) begin to put their lives back together. This can be a delicate and time sensitive situation, especially when children are involved, but this does not mean that designers are taking advantage of the situation as it seems this article implies. And I am not sure at all what the last sentence is meant to impart, aside from poor humor. Designers and decorators alike work very hard to help those who hope to love where they live. Married, divorced, widowed or otherwise, I treat them all the same and welcome their business equally.