A Selection of Reviews Calling Act of Valor a Recruitment Film

120223063819 act of valor story top A Selection of Reviews Calling Act of Valor a Recruitment FilmAs The Observer noted yesterday, the new action film Act of Valor was intended as a recruitment film for the U.S. Navy SEALs. Film critics seem to have caught on! Herewith, a list of critics who’ve caught on to the military’s game:

  • “Unsurprisingly, the finished product plays like a pumped-up recruitment commercial deemed fit for feature length and multiplex viewing.” —Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times
  • “As a no-holds-barred recruiting video, Act of Valor kicks all sorts of ass. As an actual movie, however, it barely coheres.” —Bilge Ebiri, New York
  • “A mechanically efficient yet soulless dramatization of the U.S. Navy SEALs in action, “Act of Valor” ultimately misses its target: The hearts and minds of American audiences.” —Robert Koehler, Variety
  • “In Act of Valor, a recruitment poster loosely disguised as a movie, the story is fictional but the leading men are not.” —Rick Groen, The Globe and Mail
  • “Considering Act of Valor is, at its heart, a multi-million-dollar U.S. military recruitment video, it’s fitting that the film opens with a commercial message from directors Mike ‘Mouse’ McCoy and Scott Waugh.” —Linda Barnard, Toronto Star
  • “A Navy recruitment poster riding a wave of well-deserved Navy SEAL enthusiasm, “Act of Valor” arrives disguised as a feature.” —James Verniere, Boston Herald
  • “The U.S. Navy should slash its recruiting budget and just schedule screenings of Act of Valor. Hollywood meets propaganda in this rah-rah action film about an elite group of Navy Seals who circle the globe battling terrorism.” —Leah Rozen, The Wrap
  • “The question: What is it? Is it a documentary? A docudrama? A rescue mission re-enactment? A lengthy commercial from the Navy’s PR department? No, yes, sort of and yes.” —Clint O’Connor, Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • “Having a real Navy SEAL team as the stars of a fictional action adventure film adds a frightening realism to the traditional shoot-em-up Act of Valor. Michael Bay has some serious competition now that Act of Valor co-directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh have upped the ante on military action films.” —Justin Craig, Fox News


  1. odaddyo says:

    Oh please, march-in-lock-step liberal reviewers. 

  2. Guest says:

    Wow, thats a little rediculous.  The Navy doesnt need to recruit SEALs…in fact, they really dont need to recruit at all.  People who actually see the military for what it’s worth want to fight.  The military doesn’t need things like this to attract REAL men and women.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious how the leftist anti-military world of the film critic are getting their panties in a twist about this film.  It is a heroic tribute and very realistic portrayal of the sacrifices and courage undertaken by these last American Heros.  The anti-American smut coming out of some of these reviews reveals their hatred of the military, even though these people are dying everyday so they can sip their lattes and write anti-american propaganda.   And this film is NOT a recruitment tool for the seals-not many people in this world could endure the hardship and intense mental and physical training it takes to become a Seal.