‘All the Single Ladies’ Author Kate Bolick Lands High Six-Figure Book Deal

Kate Bolick’s November Atlantic cover story, All the Single Ladies, will be extended into a book that was bought by Crown’s Molly Stern at auction last week, Publisher’s Marketplace reports.

Janklow & Nesbit’s Tina Bennett represented the book, called Among the Suitors: Single Women I Have Loved. It develops a “sly blend of autobiography and literary portraiture to question the conventional marriage trajectory,” according to the announcement.

The original piece–which people are capable of talking about indefinitely–has already been optioned for a scripted television series by Josh Berman and Sony Television.

The story elicited one faux marriage proposal, Ms. Bolick told The Hairpin, “from a friend who wants me to try to sell this as a book for the big bucks as he thinks it’ll be his only chance to marry rich.”

The gold digger had a good eye: Publisher’s Marketplace said the book sold in a “major” deal, $500,000 or more.