Amanda Knox Sells Prison Memoir for Cool $4 M.

amanda Amanda Knox Sells Prison Memoir for Cool $4 M.HarperCollins bought Amanda Knox’s memoirs for close to $4 million, The New York Times reports. The memoir will be shaped by the diaries Ms. Knox kept during her four years imprisoned in Perugia, Italy on murder charges which were later overturned.

D.C. lawyer Robert Barnett brokered the deal in a days-long auction that included bids from Random House’s Crown, Macmillan’s St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster’s Atria and Penguin’s Dutton. Mr. Barnett’s other clients include Sarah Palin and Bill Clinton.

We can’t believe Foxy Knoxy was in town to meet with publishers and no one thought to take her to Le Baron or anything!


  1. Erwinprado62 says:

    i hope no one buys it. she should be shunned, like OJ. come to think of it, i’m surprised judith regan isn’t the one publishing this crap.

  2. Berenice Camlicay says:

    I hope everyone buys it and knows that she is inocent, that procecutor was  awful i don’t know how the judge would believe him.