An Itty, Bitty Brownstone for Your Castoff Books

In the era of Amazon’s Kindle and whatever Barnes and Noble’s thingimajigger is called, a new library is under construction in Brooklyn: the Hundred Story House. The witty name doesn’t mean library tall as the World Trade Center, but rather that it will only have one hundred books. The library will work on an honorary system of take a book, leave a book. (Or take all the books? Some people are avid readers!)

The Daily News spoke with Brooklyn artists and pioneers of the Hundred Story House, Julia Marchesi and Leon Reid IV, about the motivation behind the idea:

“This neighborhood and Brooklyn in general is filled with writers and people who appreciate literature in any form,” said Marchesi of Cobble Hill. “It’s part of the fabric here in Brooklyn, and we wanted to build on a tradition of informal book sharing that already exists in the community.”

“This project is meant to be a celebration of books in their physical form, rather than a rejection of the new types of media,” said Marchesi.

The Observer has a weird feeling that this might be successful.

[Reid] added that people tend to regularly leave books on their doorsteps and sidewalks for people to take for free.

Buncha hippies.

Regardless, we have a few Accounting 101 textbooks from years ago that are quite the enthralling read. Happy to trade those for some discarded Harlequin romances. Should you care to, too, support the project over on Kickstarter.

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