Anonymous Videos Highlight Mark Murphy’s Acting Career

mark murphy hit Anonymous Videos Highlight Mark Murphys Acting Career

Mark Murphy gets hit by a woman in a bikini. (Photo: YouTube)

Staten Island Congressional candidate Mark Murphy, who had a brief acting career in California while working in finance, has only been in the race for a few weeks, but admittedly goofy opposition research is already beginning to leak out. Somebody has combed through Mr. Murphy’s movie filmography to grab the highlights and place them in a rather negative context.

For example, in one video, where Mr. Murphy’s brief role in a Dukes of Hazzard sequel involved him being physically struck by an actress, the YouTube clip is entitled “Failed Actor Mark Murphy Loses Fight with a Girl.”

“If Mark Murphy can survive meteorite attacks, ninja fighting women, and playing Jimmy Conners then he should be able to survive the shark-infested waters of Washington DC,” a source close to Mr. Murphy told The Politicker. “Mark was lucky enough to appear in a few B-movies which only means he is perfect for a race against a C-list congressman who could apparently be facing some D felonies. Just trying to keep it alphabetical. ”

He added that Mr. Murphy was a serious businessman at the time and the movies were just for fun.

The anonymous YouTube account’s name is “MarkMurphyFromCA,” an obvious attempt to brand Mr. Murphy as a carpetbagger, a charge that will likely be wielded later in the election as well. After his announcement event, Mr. Murphy responded to a reporter’s question about his past residence in California by pointing to his status as a fourth generation Staten Islander.

Here’s another one of the videos, with unfriendly captioning, that involved him being beaten up by an actress:


  1. Mark Murphy only claimed up until now to have worked as an actor then in real estate. What is the new story about working in finance?

  2. Mark Murphy says:

    Hey Colin, could you have work harder to try and minimize how stupid this makes the Democrat favored by your paper in this race? 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Eh. The story leans pro-Murphy since obviously he’s the only campaign commenting on it, but I’m not gonna publish anonymous videos without reaching for comment first

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Grimm reaper is the real carpetbagger.  Grimm who is really a Queens boy, came out of nowhere in 2010, with few ties to Staten Island other than an ex-wife who supported his opponent and zero civic activity

    1.  Few ties? You mean like owning a paying for a home in Staten Island for a dozen years Roy? How does that make you a carpetbagger, I mean, outside of your bubble world of fallacy? Grimm was in the FBI undercover and is a decorated US Marine combat veteran. Normal people would take that any day over being in a civic association.

      Besides, Murphy lived off the Island for 18 year, returned broke and penniless and now lives with his jailbird daddy. Talk about pathetic. As soon as he landed, daddy got him a nice government job representing  Bill de Blasio, who raised our property taxes in the Council and was a Deputy Mayor for the horrid David Dinkins. And Murphy just came out on the side of President over the contraception order.

      Murphy just might be dumber than these videos show him to be naturally.

  4. Hey Colin, better update your story. There’s a new video showing Murphy getting blown out of his shoes by a meteor. I swear this guy’s like the extras in Star Trek in the red uniforms.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I can’t really monitor new comments like I could at The Brooklyn Politics, send me an email with any tips! 

      I’d rather link to this in a roundup or something than working to update an old story, will try to remember tomorrow, cheers!

  5. Tony says:

    is Jenny Ling Po a jilted girlfriend or something?  She seems sort of unhinged in her hatred of Mark Murphy.