A.P.: Singer Whitney Houston Dead at 48

whitneyhoustongetty A.P.: Singer Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston (Getty Images)

The Associated Press reports via its Twitter account that singer Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48. The A.P. cites Ms. Houston’s publicist Kristen Foster as their source for the news:

Whitney Houston’s meteoric rise to fame was powered by her beauty, charisma and powerful, soulful voice, but it was balanced by struggles with addiction and a turbulent marriage to singer Bobby Brown, which were tabloid and reality TV fodder for much of the last 2 decades. She attempted a comeback 3 years ago but in spite of great album sales, her live performances faltered. From the AP:

Houston staged what seemed to be a successful comeback with the 2009 album “I Look To You.” The album debuted on the top of the charts, and would eventually go platinum.

Things soon fell apart. A concert to promote the album on “Good Morning America” went awry as Houston’s voice sounded ragged and off-key. She blamed an interview with Winfrey for straining her voice.

The cause of Ms. Houston’s death is currently unknown.

Whitney Houston’s music dominated the mid-to-late 1980s. “The Greatest Love of All,” her cover of a George Benson song written in the late 1970s, dominated music charts in 1986. Ms. Houston received an American Music Award for the video and was nominated for a Grammy.

via Whitney Houston – Greatest Love Of All – YouTube.


  1. Suejthompson61 says:

    beautiful woman gone too soon

  2. Guest says:

    Crack kills. 

  3. Pam2626 says:

    May you find in death the peace you could not find on earth.  RIP

  4. Condoatsunrise says:

    So very sad, she was so talented.

  5. Sherman says:

    Amy Winehouse and now Whitney Houston?  So young. 

  6. Ltrinida says:

    she was blessed with such talent and she choose to waste it away. May she finally rest in peace and the world remember her as the talented singer she was 

  7. Ungerm says:

    so sad , will miss her

  8. Debgroves999 says:

    I blame Bobby Brown for her death!!!  She went through hell with him and he totally broke her heart and she couldn’t get it back again!!!  I will NOT back down from this belief that I have!!!  NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!

    RIP Whitney….we all love you and will miss you!!!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

       I absolutely agree and I’ll  never, ever forgive him.  Unfortunately, he’s leading their daughter down the same path with his example.  Scum of the earth.  What a terrible waste.  She was so terribly beautiful and talented.  I’m in tears.

    2. Blessedtwoday says:

      Sweetie I feel your pain but Bobby is not to blame.  He did put any drugs up to her mouth and make her do anything.  She even admitted this.  They both were messed up and hurt each other.  So sad…Whitney will truly be missed…I know
      Bobby is hurting and I really feel for Bobbi Chris

      1. Blessedtwoday says:

        Oopp “did not.”

  9. Samanthacoleman14 says:

    RIP, GONE TOOOO SOON.  GOD BLESS!!!!!! Everyone have their own faults.

  10. Hkkwalsh says:

    Beautiful, amazing talented women gone way to soon.

  11. Hkkwalsh says:

    Bless her family @ this terrible time in our thoughts & prayers

  12. Serene44441 says:

    I pray your in heaven because you were heaven sent.You will be missed.

  13. PMB says:

    How tragic & sad to lose such a great & talented lady. Too soon, so many of our young & talented artists leave us. RIP beautiful & wonderful one. May God  comfort & help her loved ones.  

    1. Angelocarnickel says:

      Fuck Whitney! I spent my hard earned money to see her live in 1987. What a waste , she was so stuck on, and full of herself . She got what she deserved!!! She was a has been who was mediocre a t best and every interview I saw her on she was none but a cunt!!

  14. Bernadette says:

    very very sad RIP 

  15. Trishwaynick says:


  16. Triciaklm says:

    So sad.  May she rest in peace and be happy.  She gave many people a lot of happiness with her singing. 

  17. Jstall8332 says: