Apple Juices Grand Central: Sales Spill Over Into Surrounding Shops

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The new Apple store in Grand Central Terminal is a lovely, understated project in one of the city’s premier public spaces.

All the same, some sour apples have been complaining that the Cult of Steve has been paying below market rents for its space, leading to an investigation by the state. The M.T.A. counters that Apple is still paying more than the previous tenant, and its arrival means bigger revenues across Grand Central, given Apple’s appeal. This latter bet appears to be paying off.

According to Crain’s, that culinary slam dunk, The Michael Jordan Steakhouse, has seen a 7 percent jump in sales since Apple opened. And this is not simply because a competing restaurant was closed—while the new store was under construction, there was no commensurate rise in receipts. The M.T.A. says this proves the success of the Apple strategy, as do the dribbling meat eaters.

“We know their customers are coming here,” Matthew Glazier, an owner of the steakhouse, told Crain’s. “I’m always looking for the little white bags.”

Another perfect accompaniment? Maybe a Junior’s cheesecake or some of Mendy’s signature matzah ball soup. Just imagine the synergies when Shake Shack opens. Between there and Apple, a giant Möbius strip of lines will form, with no escape.

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Apple Juices Grand Central: Sales Spill Over Into Surrounding Shops