Babes of NPR: The Single-Serving Site of the Day Exploiting Attractive Radio Faces

There’s the old expression “face for radio,” and then there’s this.

Better late to the party than never, as is the case with the oddly funny, moderately creepy Babes of NPR blog, run on Tumblr by this blogger. The endgame is self-evident: highlighting and/or objectifying the voices behind the radio news network and one of America’s perennial liberal lifestyle punching bags. And it works!

For example:

Ben Calhoun, Producer, This American Life, looks like the neighbor you watch doing dude yoga through the window while you smoke American Spirits and read The New Yorker on your porch. HOT.

Yet, as noticed by whoever’s manning the social media operation for Fresh Air—and this doesn’t bode well for those concerned with the mugs of their chosen radio staffers, if you’re into that—they’re already repeating themselves.

Either way, for people who spend far too much time wondering and/or fantasizing about the faces behind the voices coming in over their radio/streaming radio/podcast/whatever else people listen to NPR on these days, however, your time has come. Go to town. | @weareyourfek