Ballerina-Loving Ian Schrager Could Have Been the Jewish Jeremy Lin

And then I drove to the basket... (PMcM)

Much has been made of the fact that Jeremy Lin was overlooked because of his book smarts and bloodlines, but the same thing might have happened half a century ago to nightlife king Ian Schrager.

In an interview with the Real Deal, Mr. Schrager discusses his dreams of playing basketball and how it all fell apart because of some good old Jewish guilt.

What were you like as a kid?
Very active, obsessed with basketball — the way I became obsessed with business — and very competitive. I played guard. I had a bunch of scholarship offers, but my father wanted me to concentrate on my studies, so I didn’t play in college.

That athleticism might also help explain Mr. Schrager’s taste in women.

How’d you and your wife [of three years, Tania Wahlstedt] meet?
She used to dance with the New York City Ballet. I knew her because my first wife also danced with the ballet. For some strange reason, I have a preference for ballerinas.

Or maybe the boutique hotelier just wants to relive his time on the dance floor at Studio 54.