Barack Obama Uploads Spotify Playlist, Pretends to Like Florence + the Machine

Obama's abridged Spotify playlist. Is Pinterest next?

Barack Obama’s campaign, not content with a Google+ chat, jumped onboard a new tech craze by uploading a Spotify playlist for the 2012 race. (Spotify is the music network that publicizes the songs to which one listens and allows the creation of epic playlists.) It’s pretty easy to cherrypick out the songs of which President Obama has never heard–tracks by Tragic Kingdom-era No Doubt, Florence + the Machine, and Ricky Martin leap to mind, though the latter track may yet help Mr. Obama win Florida. (We do somehow believe, though, that Mr. Obama is an Electric Light Orchestra megafan).


Now that “barackobama” is a Spotify user, we’ll be watching his Facebook profile closely. He may claim to listen to country, Florence, and Bruce Springsteen, but we have a feeling he’s one of those users who doesn’t know his song choices are public until he listens to “…Baby One More Time” eighteen times consecutively. Not that we know what that’s like.