Bill O’Reilly Supports “American Citizen” Ellen Against Fundamentalist Mom Group In JCPenney Firestorm (Video)

Bill O'Reilly defends Ellen

Is ole’ Bill getting soft in his old age? Back in the day, the conservative Fox host would take up the cause with the fundamentalist Christian group One Million Moms (“Who Hate Everything” is usually left off their title) in their boycott of JCPenney for using Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson.


Instead, in an editorial in today’s New York Post (as well as a recent episode of his show) Bill O’Reilly defends Ms. DeGeneres, scolds the Moms, and even suggests that they set their sights on a non-gay pop culture icon more deserving of their scorn.

And today’s article in the Post, titled “A Gay Time at JCPenney”:

While I sympathize with folks not wanting to deal with homosexuality, the Moms are wrong, DeGeneres is an American citizen. She has committed no crime. If she wants to promote equality for gays or gay marriage, this is her constitutional right. She shouldn’t be dismissed from anything…
In my view, Kim Kardashian is a far worse role model than Ellen, and the Million Moms might want to check that out. Scores of media people are celebrated for bad behavior. If the Moms want to be consistent in their outrage about dubious behavior, they are going to be busy.

Yesterday on Ellen’s show, the host thanked Mr. O’Reilly for his support:

“Normally I try not to pay attention to my haters, but this time I’d like to talk about it because my haters are my motivators,” DeGeneres said at the opening of yesterday’s “Ellen.”

Aww, maybe soon we’ll see Papa Bill guest-hosting for Ellen, or at least dancing on her stage as a guest. Well, probably not, but it’s a sign of maturity that Mr. O’Reilly has taken on Ms. DeGeneres’ cause, as he has bigger things to worry about than lesbians. (Like that Muslim in the White House, for instance.)