Bloomberg: Gun Control Advocates Should Adopt NRA’s Political Tactics

gun getty Bloomberg: Gun Control Advocates Should Adopt NRAs Political Tactics

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On John Gambling’s radio show this morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg took some time to continue his crusade against illegal guns, and made the case for what voters should do to get organized.

“What you’ve got to do is take a look at your Congressman, your Senator, and say ‘Where are you? I’m not going to worry about everybody else. I’m going to work for your opponent unless you do what’s right to protect my kids and the cops on the corner who are putting their lives on the line to protect me,” Mr. Bloomberg responded when Mr. Gambling asked how voters are supposed to make a difference in such a complicated legislative body.

“If surviving isn’t the number one issue, I don’t know what else. Let’s get serious here!” he added.

Mr. Bloomberg then made the case that Washington legislators should face scrutiny no matter how bad their opponents are on gun control issues. “I’ll deal with your opponent when I get that man or woman when he gets into office,” he advocated voters tell their representatives.

“Because that’s exactly what the NRA does. You say ‘Oh my opponent’s going to be worse for the NRA than me.’ They say ‘I don’t care, we’re going after you.’”


  1. Anonymous says:

    NYPD command instructs responding officers to report rapes and robberies as misdemeanors to game CompStat metrics. That’s if they even respond. And forget about anything that happens on the subway. Maybe when enough people and industries move out of the Empire State to reduce it to a single Congressman, people will get it.

  2. jrwatts says:

     Great idea, Bloomie,  except for one teeny problem.   The anti-rights cultists, the gun-control extremists CAN’T replicate the NRA strategy, and for a simple basic reason: they don’t have a voting constituency.  Brady, CSGV, etc. are largely astroturf.  Absent funding by the Joyce Foundation and Bloomberg’s millions, they wouldn’t exist. 

    And of course now-a-days, they don’t have a legal leg to stand on either, at least as to their ultimate (and rarely admitted in public) goal of firearm banning and confiscation; Heller and McDonald have closed that door.  Even the dissenters recognized an individual right (and then proceeded, in typical hypocritical fashion, to ignore it).  

    They’ve been telling us that expanding legal carry of arms would lead to blood in the streets, and they’ve been wrong every time.  Every. Single. Time.

    No one listens when they cry wolf anymore.

    Bottom line – Bloomie and the Brady bunch are on the wrong side of history.  Liberty wins out.  As it should be. 

  3. Barban37 says:

    I love how Bloomberg keeps repeating tired old misinformation and lies about gun owners causing crime, while his judicial system in NYC keeps releasing serial felons and violent offenders.   If you want to stop crime, get tough with criminals.  Leave the Second Amendment alone.  Bloomberg’s whining is getting really tiresome. 

  4. Ray Zell says:

    There is a slight misstatement here. Instead of “protect your kids and cops” it should read ‘protect your kids from cops’

  5. Teebone says:

    Hizzoner has one rather large problem. America, by an overwhelming margin, BELIEVES in the right to arms, and has little-to-no patience with statist interference.

    His whole philosophy is a loser. One wonders why he doesn’t realize it.

  6. Larry Arnold says:

    Great idea. The single most important tactic the NRA employs is to field tens of thousands of certified firearm instructors who hold hundreds of thousands of classes for millions of beginning shooters, where potential voters learn that the shooting sports are green, inclusive, fun, safe, and popular. That’s MUCH more effective than being gloom&doom all the time, and making predictions that never seem to come true. So if the gun control folks adopted the NRA real education strategy they could…

    Oh. Wait. Nevermind.