Booting Up: McLovin Edition

dave Booting Up: McLovin Edition

Dave Morin, Path CEO (

Path uploads your entire iPhone address book to its servers, users balk []

A hacker released the source code for antivirus firm Symantec’s pcAnywhere utility after failed email negotiations over a $50,000 payout [Reuters]

Silicon Valley is experiencing a “surge in jobs and per-capita income, in contrast to the weak economic situation dogging the rest of the nation” [Wall Street Journal]

Pinterest is quietly generating revenue by modifying user submitted pins []

More shakeups on Yahoo’s board [All Things D]

Adobe confirms: no Flash for Chrome on Android; it’s phasing its mobile player out [Ars Technica]

A Chinese company is suing Apple over use of the iPad trademark in China, is “demanding an apology” and expects Apple will be fined $38 million [Apple Insider]