Brooklyn’s ‘Kitchen Table Coders’ Cap Classes at Five Students

kitchen table coders Brooklyns Kitchen Table Coders Cap Classes at Five Students


The Kitchen Table Coders—it sounds like it could be a hacker collective or a club of superheroes. But the name refers to an actual kitchen table (and actual coders) in north Brooklyn who are charging between $60 and $250 for a wide variety of classes: Javascript, node.js, XBox Kinect, LISP, Android, Intro to Objective C. At a recent meeting, coders learned how to play the strategy game Go.

If you like your classes cozy, Kitchen Table Coders is a nice DIY alternative to offerings at General Assembly, Skillshare and Meetup. A pair of techie roommates, Amit Pitaru and David Nolen, have been teaching the classes in their kitchen in a spacious if a bit rundown Bushwick apartment (“on the border of Willimasburg and Bushwick,” if you want to be technical) since April of last year. The cottage industry caught the attention of The Atlantic, which termed the classes “salons/workshops,” and the attention of some coders in London, who contacted the guys to ask if they could launch a franchise. Time for Mr. Nolen to quit that day job at the New York Times?