Bruce High Quality Foundation in Artforum: ‘Keep Cooper Union Free’

A shoddy photographic reproduction of BHQF's Artforum advertisement.

In March’s Artforum, which just landed in our mailbox yesterday, downtown art collective The Bruce High Quality Foundation has taken out a full-page ad calling on Cooper Union–its members’ alma mater–to keep its tuition price $0. As our colleague Michael H. Miller noted last year, administrators at the tuition-free school have said that, because of budget concerns, they may begin charging students.

The full text of the advertisement is above. On the facing page is an advertisement for The Brucennial, the group’s epic and sometimes-annual group exhibition. That opens tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. In other Bruce news, as Dan Duray reported, the group is staging a musical called Animal Farm that takes as its topic this very tuition issue.