C is for Cookie Locator: The Girl Scout App for City-Dwellers

findacookie C is for Cookie Locator: The Girl Scout App for City Dwellers

Come back here with our dinner! (Cookie Locator)

Even though they aren’t due out for another several days, we have already downloaded the 2-year-old app that will allow you to locate where the closest Girl Scout cookie pop-up shop is located. That’s right: Girl Scout cookie pop-up shops. The logical next step.

Now we don’t have to wait until someone at our work gets pregnant, has a daughter, puts her in Girl Scouts, and then comes around the office with a sign-up sheet for Thin Mints. (Which was our long-term plan that we can now thankfully scrap.)

You can also use the Cookie Locator website, for those who don’t have smartphones. Remember, the cookies are only on sale from March 12th to May 9th, so it’s only a two month window to make it down to one of these ad-hock stands and get your Samoas fix on.

Isn’t technology amazing?