Check Out the ‘Downton Abbey’ Stars Out of Costume

brendanc head Check Out the Downton Abbey Stars Out of Costume

Does this man look like he comes from the 1910s?

Paper Magazine has assembled a gallery of the stars of Downton Abbey stars in and out of costume. Surprises abound! We were shocked to see the following things:

  • The guy who plays “Bates” sacrifices his dignity to pose doofily when babies are around.
  • “Ethel” wears a leather bodice in her off hours.
  • “Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham” goes to arty parties and gets snapped by Patrick McMullan.
  • Maggie Smith is looking pretty spry!
  • Really, adding a hat and taking off a little makeup (and making men shave) does not dramatically alter the way people look.
  • Especially in the case of “Matthew Crawley,” who apparently has a perfect 1910s look.
  • Ha ha ha, “Mr. Carson” is riding a bike!
  • Okay, “Daisy” does look different, if only because she evinces the Sky Ferrera leopard-coat and undone-hair look in the 2010s.
  • If people look basically the same on- and off-screen, dogs look EXACTLY the same.