Clint Eastwood’s Favorite President Was Truman, Not Obama [Video]

The question of whether Chrysler pitchman Clint Eastwood’s “Halftime in America” ad was a backdoor Obama campaign ad may finally be answered, as Clint Eastwood was recently caught on tape by TMZ talking politics. An enterprising paparazzo celebrated Presidents’ Day by asking Mr. Eastwood to name his favorite U.S. President, and after rattling off Washington and Lincoln (easy choices–why can’t anyone ever name-check even the other half of Mount Rushmore?), Mr. Eastwood named Harry Truman as his favorite President “in our lifetime.” Breaking: Clint Eastwood believes that TMZ photographers are octogenarians!

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Why Truman? “He got mad at the people who bum-wrapped his daughter.”  But, as for good Presidents: “We haven’t seen one for a while.” If Barack Obama wants Clint Eastwood’s support, he’ll have to start Sasha or Malia on a music career, then threaten music critics with physical harm, probably!