Men of Wall Street Like Their Women Sexy and ‘Easy’, Says Expert

In the event you haven’t noticed, Wall Street is (according to New York Magazine, at least) having a rough go of it! If you’re one of the women of New York City who are ‘into’ Wall Street men and the wealth of character/fiscal riches they have to offer, one expert says you can make life easier on them when you try to pick them up. By being “easy.” Also, sexy. That too.

Via 24-hour financial news network CNBC—because, after all, they would know—seasoned matchmaker Samantha Daniels has some tips to offer if you’re on safari for a man from the financial sector. Her advice?

  • Get him to talk about something other than his career. Because these gentlemasters of the universe are so attached to their intensely fulfilling careers, “it’s your job to get his mind on you and off the S & P,” explains Ms. Daniels.
  • Be able to talk about his career. Literally, the next piece of advice: “…At least if you know something you can participate in a conversation with your guy.”
  • Be easy, trick. “You shouldn’t be difficult.” Also: “Be convenient and easy for him.” Finally: “You need to be accommodating or his schedule and time constraints or he will get frustrated and find another woman.” That whole menstrual cycle thing? Begone!
  • The people in your life are boring, unless they can be traded in an emerging market, so don’t talk about your bitch friends, m’kay? “His attention span for social stories is very short,” Ms. Daniels advises.
  • Be hot, or GTFO. “Wall Street men tend to like women who are attractive and that other men notice when they walk in the room.” Straight outta Galapagos!

Unfortunately, Ms. Daniels’ expertise doesn’t extend to this writer’s gender, so The Observer can’t speak to personal experience having tried out Ms. Daniels’ tips, the rest of which you may find here. That said, while some would argue that you probably shouldn’t have felt bad for men of Wall Street before, this may be just cause. | @weareyourfek