Could Donald Glover be Returning to 30 Rock? (Video)

Donald Glover on '30 Rock's webisode

Now that Community is on hiatus and with an uncertain future (although he always has his rap alter-ego to fall back on), Donald Glover has gone back to where his career started: on 30 Rock.

On a recent webisode of The Jack Donaghy Files, Mr. Glover auditioned as Childish Gambino for Jack Donaghy, alongside Ryan Adams and Michael McDonald from The Doobie Brothers.

We could write this off as a bit of NBC cross-promotional backscratching…if Community was still on. As Mr. Glover started out as a writer for 30 Rock straight out of college before moving out to L.A. to take the part of Troy in Community, one could read this reunion as a winking alumni reference to audience members who knew that Mr. Glover wrote for the show. Or it could honestly be promoting Childish Gambino.


But we’d like to think that this is Mr. Glover’s way of hedging his bets: if Dan Harmon‘s awesome sitcom doesn’t go back on air, maybe there’s a place at TGS for a new character (especially once Alec Baldwin leaves and the show will need all the fan-love they can get).

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Could Donald Glover be Returning to 30 Rock? (Video)