Courtney Love Moves Out of Her West Village Hole

Courtney Love

Somewhere, a West Village landlord is popping champagne. Courtney Love, the terror of West 10th street, has packed up and moved out, the Daily News reports. 

Although Ms. Love won a legal battle against the owners of the townhouse at 250 West 10th Street, her lease is up and, shockingly, she has not renewed. And, in a wholly un-Courtney fashion, it seems the move was quick, quiet and relatively painless.

Love’s belongings were packed up in big boxes in her kitchen ready to be moved out. Staff is already gone, having taken off last night in a town car, and the house, which was lit up for almost the entire duration of Love’s stay, has gone dark.

Holey heck! (GVSHP)

This marks the end of Ms. Love’s rather fraught stint at the address. This past fall, Ms. Love’s landlord filed suit, claiming that the singer socialite had broken the lease agreement by redecorating without the owner’s consent, owed tens of thousands of dollars and had set the curtains on fire late one evening. A judge ruled that she did not, in fact, owe the back-rent and that whole fire incident wasn’t addressed in court.

So now she’s out, and probably looking for a new place. A more humble abode, perhaps? She was, after all, paying a full $27,000 per month for the West 10th Street townhouse. Those Nevermind royalties don’t pay like they used to.

Courtney Love Moves Out of Her West Village Hole