Cuomo: My Sky-High Poll Numbers Have Nowhere to Go But Down

Governor Cuomo (Photo: Getty)

In an interview this morning, Fred Dicker asked Governor Andrew Cuomo about his latest poll numbers showing his favorability ratings continuing to be some of the highest among major elected officials anywhere in the country.

“It’s very flattering, obviously,” Mr. Cuomo began. “I say all the time that you take these numbers with a grain of salt because they do go up and down, as we all know. But also these numbers are so high that they can’t possibly stay where they are.”

Mr. Cuomo went on to contend that, a year into his first term of governor, the poll numbers must reflect his record of accomplishment.

“Look, it’s one year now, right? So people have a good sense of what we’re trying to do. I think it’s a basic affirmation of the message that we brought to state government, the performance, the competence, the integrity,” he continued.

“That I find reassuring, because, for me, having the confidence of the people is everything.”