David LaChapelle Signs With Fred Torres Collaborations

Fred Torres Collaborations (FTC) announced today that it now represents David LaChapelle in New York. LaChapelle who has a new show opening Thursday, “Earth Laughs in Flowers,” a series of 10 large-scale still-life photographs, had his last show, “From Darkness to Light,” in 2011 at Lever House, and in 2010 he presented a solo show “American Jesus,” at Paul Kasmin Gallery. While FTC has “managed LaChapelle’s fine art career since 2005” according to its press release, a gallery assistant at FTC confirmed today that FTC is now exclusively representing Mr. LaChapelle in New York.

For “Earth Laughs in Flowers,” which is on view for the first time in the U.S., Mr. LaChapelle borrowed from the conventions of baroque still life painting and named the series for a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Hamatreya” (1846). In that poem flowers give voice to nature’s ridicule of human arrogance. As evidenced by the suggestive titles of his works, such as Wilting Gossip, Flaccid Passion and Concerning the Soul, as with all Mr. LaChapelle’s work, his tongue is ever so firmly in cheek.