Dem Assembly leadership tells caucus votes are there for marriage equality bill

TRENTON – Sources piling out of the Assembly Democratic Caucus room told that leadership expects to have 41 votes to get a majority on marriage equality, hence their willingness to post the bill next Thursday.  

Ten to 12 caucus members did not report to today’s scheduled meeting, but the leaders said no worries – the votes will be there, according to sources.  

“It wasn’t arrogant,” a source told “There was more emphasis on how Democrats have always stood up for Civil Rights than the mechanics of how we get the votes. They underscored why this is important.”

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, (D-34), East Orange, appeared last Thursday night at the Passaic County Democratic Committee dinner and spoke to before addressing the room.  

“We will be done with the issue in the Assembly after next week, and we will move on to consider other issues,” Oliver said when asked if marriage equality distracts the Legislature from other considerations like jobs and economy.