Designer Behind Rango On Drugs: Super Doggie Definitive Proof (Video)

Rango: now with more dogs! (YouTube)

If you’ve seen the Academy Award-winning Dreamworks feature Rango, then you know that the movie isn’t really for children. In fact, we’re not sure who the movie is for, except maybe adults on drugs who like their references to Chinatown to have a lot of lizards in it.

But just in case you were willing to give the man behind the Johnny Depp vehicle a pass on the Electric Kool-Aid Acid test, check out designer Eugeniy Yelchin‘s latest video, Super Doggies. It’s a music video about a girl in Johannesburg, puppies, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and hip-hop dancing dogs.

Wait, so the whole point of that video is that we should adopt more dogs? Not that if you are poor girl in South Africa, magical 3D rapping puppies belonging to world leaders will visit your town? That subtle point went totally over our head.