Despite Nine Percent Unemployment, Dumbo Startups Can’t Find People to Hire

The shortage in tech talent is getting ridiculous.

dumbo Despite Nine Percent Unemployment, Dumbo Startups Cant Find People to Hire


Jobs, jobs everywhere, and not a worker to fill them. In a city with nine percent unemployment, 17 Dumbo tech companies are struggling to fill 329 jobs in web development, mobile development, gaming and other related jobs, reports the New York Post. The agency HUGE needs to hire 50 people; Wireless Generation needs 150. Even DigitalDumbo, the local meetup and tech  blog, is hiring a community manager. “We are growing and positions open frequently!” says Carrot Creative.

Local startups say the answer is for NYU to close that deal on an applied sciences grad school in Downtown Brooklyn. (Guess they figure students who have from the Roosevelt Island tech campus will be snapped up by some other startup on the way to the interview.)

Dumbo, despite its cute cobblestones, has struggled for decades to recover from the decline of its manufacturing and industrial economy. But now that the area has a number of trendy young companies (Etsy! Holstee!), it’s being choked by its own growth. Almost two months into the new year, and Ben Parr’s rather obvious 2012 prognosticating is looking rather obviously correct. Mr. Parr! What will happen to Dumbo?

UPDATE: A spokesman for Wireless Generation says they’re not having trouble hiring—they’re just growing that fast. See comment below.