Don’t Get Caught Being Drunk On the Lower East Side, Warns NYPD

Don't get caught doing this (Mecredis)

In a move that has alcoholic NYU undergrads with fake I.D.s freaking the hell out, Capt. John Cappelmann of the East Village’s Ninth Precinct is beefing up his division with eight to 10 new officers. And they are out to bust you for being drunk!

According to, these NYPD recruits will be tasked assigned to “midnight conditions and midnight anticrime teams, which fight late-night crime and quality-of-life issues related to bars and nightclubs.”

So if you’re the type who likes to start fights with burly security guards while blacked out at Bar None, just make sure you follow in Cinderella’s footsteps and get your drunk ass home before midnight.

Meanwhile, Victoria Bekiempis of the Village Voice pointed out that LES has bigger problems than alcoholic antics: there have been 19 burglaries in the last 28 days, and felony assault rates have also shot up. However, Capt. Cappelman does not see a connection between these incidents and those drunk kids that need catching.

(Photo via Mecredis on Flickr)