Drop the $8 M.: Robert Bass Pays Shocking $42 Million for Mezzacappa’s 834 Fifth Place


While everyone whose anyone knows that Robert and Ann Bass are the buyers behind Damon Mezzacappa‘s home at 834 Fifth, it was unclear until today how madly the billionaire couple wanted the place. After his wife passed away, Mr. Mezzacappa quietly put his massive half-floor apartment in the godly building on the market for $34 million, with all the furniture and furnishings inside. According to city records, however, Mr. and Mrs. Bass paid a full $42 million for the place.

That is just $2 million less than Rupert Murdoch paid for the triplex penthouse. Talk about ultraluxurious. This would have vaulted Mr. Bass’ purchase from the seventh most expensive of last year into the fourth spot.

Fortunately, Mr. Bass can handily afford the inflated price, as he is worth $3.6 billion, according to Forbes. Mr. and Ms. Bass list an address on Main Street in Fort Worth as their current address on the deed, proving once and for all that Main Street and Wall Street aren’t fundamentally irreconcilable.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mezzacappa lists a Palm Beach address on the deed.

This is not the first big New York buy Mr. Bass. In 2004, he led a takeover of Duane Reade, which he later flipped to Walgreens. His brother Sid also calls both Texas and New York home.